Belly Fat Blasting Foods (Pt 1)

lemon water

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So in my last few posts I have discussed the best at home exercises and workouts to help you become Better Than Yesterday. Today and probably for a number of posts to come we are going to focus on our diets. We are going to focus on which foots are god to consume when, what foods aid in fat/weight loss, and per request which foods aid in cutting that belly fat and flatten that stomach.

Let’s start with the request, what foods aid in cutting that stubborn belly fat?

Well I’m also not going to make it thattt easy..

I’m going use this first post to emphasize what I have preached from day one. Beginning by being a Broken Record and emphasizing the Importance of Water. Water is where it all begins and ends. If you don’t consume enough water you will never manage to reduce that stubborn belly fat. Water is essential for you metabolism and digestive system. If your body does not have that water it needs it will not only take longer to break food down you consume and will not only put a lot more unnecessary and avoidable pressure on other body functions like the colon but it will also slow down your metabolism.

Lemons, lemons, lemons, another item I have mentioned along with water in many of my blog posts before (Importance of Water, Small Steps BIG Changes, One Step At A Time). Lemons aid us in many ways, but for this post they aid us in the perfect manner, by aiding us in weight and belly fat loss. I have always suggested drinking a glass of lemon water and going for an empty stomach (obviously besides the lemon water) AM walk, it’s literally that easy. One glass of lemon water and a 30 minute walk. Watch magic happen.

Last but by no meals the least important is Portion Control. I know this isn’t a food but its my blog so I can cheat if I want to *evil laugh*. Portion Control is critical so please please please read my post Portion Control and the the 6 steps i have in there to help you control your portion sizes.

Begin with these three and you will be well on you way to becoming Better Than Yesterday. Also please stay tuned for my next post which will be more in line with which foods help you cut that belly fat.

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At Home Exercises (Circuit)


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Finally the fourth and final part of the At Home Exercises series. We have hit Bodyweight Exercises, Weights Exercises, Core Exercises, and now we are going to hit Circuit Workouts and put everything we have learned together.

While learning how to do every exercise properly is critical, it is equally as important to workout effectively so we can get the most out of every workout. That’s why I advise circuit training to put it all together.

Circuit Training isn’t fun or easy by any means it’s designed to put a quick full body whooping on you, and let you get back to your life in 30 minutes or less. It’s also the most effective way to burn fat and lose weight. The best part of circuit training is that you can train at your pace so if you’re just starting off make it tough but nothing that isn’t sustainable.

So how does one being a circuit training program? Well it’s quite simple. Go back to my previous three posts pick one exercise from each post and do them non stop for a number of reps and sets.

For example here is a potential circuit….

From At Home Exercises (Bodyweight)Bodyweight Squats

From At Home Exercises (Weights)Dumbbell Curl

From At Home Exercises (Core)Bicycle Kicks

I would do 20 reps of each exercise one after another nonstop. Having a clocked 1 minutes 30 seconds break in between sets. This would increase you heart rate and then drop it over and over, melting fat and improving you cardiovascular system.

The same principle can also apply with time instead of reps or with a combination

For example if you pick the same circuit you can make it where instead of doing 20 reps you set a timer and do everything for a minute, or taking it even futher and what work best for most, doing a combination of both time and reps. For Example….

From At Home Exercises (Bodyweight)Jump Squats (1 minute)

From At Home Exercises (Weights)Dumbbell Squat to Shoulder Press (20 reps)

From At Home Exercises (Core) Plank  (1 minute)

Normally it’s best to start with one Circuit and after a few workouts pushing yourself and adding additional exercises into the circuit. So from 3 exercises you move on to 5 or adding another circuit all together but either way it’s all in your hands. You design a program and you push yourself to be Better Than Yesterday!

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At Home Exercises (Core)



So the first two parts of this series I have discussed at home exercises that can be done with only bodyweight and/or with weights. Now I’m going to be moving on to exercises that can be done at home focusing on core work.

Now lets get a couple things off the table immediately. Doing these core exercises alone wont get you a 6 pack or a flat stomach, but doing them with a good healthy diet (Portion Control, Importance of Water, Pro’s of Protein, Good and Bad Carbs, Healthy and Unhealthy Fats, can all assist you making a healthy diet). Getting a flat stomach or a six pack has more to do with your diet than training regiment. Also there is no such thing as spot reducing…meaning if you have a gut doing abs for a day isn’t going to magically make that disappear. It will take consistent training and proper dieting to make that happen.

The fallowing are a few of the best and easiest to learn at home core/ab exercises which when incorporated with other exercises can make magic happen. I once again highly suggest liking all workout titles and video the “How To” video I have linked.

Plank  – Pick a time and see if you can hit it. I normally set my phone for 1 minute and try no to fail until that one minute is up.

Side Bridge – Basically planking but only to one side at a time

Crunches – Keep the number here reasonable, and make sure you exhale and actually crunch the abs when you reach the top

Reverse Crunch – Kinda tough to do if you don’t have some core strength so wait off on this if you have to

Toe Touches – A bit like reverse crunch, but you also move you upper body to touch toes at the top

Flutter Kicks – Video shows it in a different manner but I suggest you keep it simple and lay on your back and kick at a medium pace for a set number.

Scissor Kicks – Kind of like the flutter kicks but just with a longer range of motion. Beginners advised to begin with flutter kicks and then move on to Scissor Kicks.

Russian Twist – Once again set a number and don’t just go through the motions make each twist worth your time.

Bicycle Kicks – Exhale with each and every kick

And there you have it a number of excellent At Home Exercises that train your core. As I have and will continue to advise begin with something easy and work your way up. Maintaining Sustainability is critical!

Incorporate these core exercises into your workouts and begin being Better Than Yesterday!

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At Home Exercises (Weights)



So In my previous post At Home Exercises (BodyWeight) I mentioned some of the best exercises you could do at home with no equipment at all. Well now in this post I’m going to discuss what equipment you should have at home and how to utilize that equipment to improve your exercises/workouts.

People are afraid of weights for a million different reasons. The most common fears I have found have been, fear of injury and fear of getting too muscular. Well let’s talk about the fear of injury first. It won’t happen. How am I so sure? Well because I advised you to master all the exercises in my previous post At Home Exercises (BodyWeight), before I advise making them tougher with weights. The other fear is getting to muscular; well unless you change your diet and begin eating triple the calories a day that’s also not going to happen. Muscle is built to that degree when you are consuming hundreds to thousands of calories over 2000 a day. Sticking with you current diet and lifting some light weights will only tone and add a little muscle, nothing more, maybe even less.

So what should you have in your closet at home equipment wise? Well I suggest only 3 things. Pull up Bar, a pair of light dumbbells (10-15lbs), and a resistance band. All are for the most part inexpensive and can be bought on anywhere.

So now moving on to the home exercises you can do at home with weights. Well surprise surprise many of them are still the same as bodyweight exercises but now with weights. Mind-blowing why I said master bodyweight first right?!

Dumbell Squat

Dumbbell Squat Jump

Dumbbell Box Jump

Dumbbell Lunges 

They all are very straight forward as long as you have mastered the bodyweight ones first. Leave a comment below anything if you have any questions.

Moving on to the exercises that can’t really be done without dumbbells.

Dumbbell Squat to Shoulder Press – Excellent compound movement which burns lots of calories and improves you cardiovascular system. Trains: Shoulders, Glutes, Hamstrings, Quads, Traps, Triceps.

Standing Dumbbell Should Press – An isolation movement just like a Seated Should Press. These can also be done with one or both hands at a time. Trains: Shoulders and triceps.

Dumbell Floor Press – Trains: Triceps, Chest, Shoulders

Dumbbell One Arm Triceps Extension – Complete isolation workout as it trains triceps only

Dumbbell Curl – Complete isolation workout as it trains biceps only

Dumbbell Hammer Curl – Trains Biceps and Forearms

Bent Over Two Dumbbell Row – Trains: Middle Back, Biceps, Lats, and Shoulders

Dumbbell Lateral Raise – Isolation workout which trains only shoulders. This is a one of the tougher workouts to master so go slow.

Well there you go. A handful of basic, easy to learn, at home exercises, with a pair of dumbbells weighting about 10-15lbs. All these are titled with “Dumbbells” but many can be replaced with a resistance bands as well. I also know I can add about 50 more dumbbell workouts but I’m not going to because you have to start with something sustainable so start with these.

Stay tuned in on my next two upcoming posts about home ab/core workouts and circuit training. You don’t need a gym to become Better Than Yesterday.

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At Home Exercises (Bodyweight)


There are a lot of people who simply don’t have the time to make it to the gym, or don’t want to make it to the gym and would simply prefer to exercise at home. Well then here are a few excellent at home exercises to change things up from the walking or jogging.

Spoiler: I will be breaking this topic down into four individual posts, first post about body weight exercises, second post about exercises with weights, the third nothing about core exercises, and fourth how I advise combining and all of them into one great workout. Videos linked for all workouts in workout names.

Pushups – Simple. Classic. They work if done right. Doing pushups will impact your entire upper body, improve you posture, and build strength. Both men and women will tone in forearms, shoulders, chest, and triceps. Ladies in particular will get rid of the “giggly” upper arms and armpit fat. Also personal note if you can’t manage to do pushup with your knees up well then put the, down until you have built up the upper body strength to keep them up. Remember everyone starts somewhere, so don’t worry if you initially can’t do everything.

Bench/Chair Dips – Once again a very easy to learn and do at home workout. Dips will hit all three heads of your triceps and tone and build muscle. Most people also don’t realize this but 2/3 of your arm is your triceps muscle therefore is you want to tone or build arms you must not neglect your triceps. Video indicates your feet to also be on a bench, not necessary if you are just beginning, put your feel flat on the ground.

Burpee – Arguably the number on exercise to burn fat, as it requires your entire body to be in motion throughout the entire movement. Will work everything top to bottom, but with that said will also require better conditioning. Trains: Quads, Calves, Hamstrings, Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps.

Bodyweight Squats – Squats Squats Squats another excellent compound workout which will result in significant calorie burning for a full 72 hours, but with that said this is probably the toughest exercise to master with correct form. When beginning focus on nothing but form! Trains: Quads, Glutes, and Hamstrings.

Jump Squats – ONLY AFTER you have mastered the body weight squat properly should you move on to this. Trains: Quads, Calves, Glutes, and Hamstrings.

Bodyweight Walking Lunges – Yes another lower body workout but unlike squats this is an easy one to earn. Benefits are also very much alike squats as they both improve balance, hip flexibility, coordination, muscle growth, and core strength. Trains: Quads, Calves, Glutes, and Hamstrings. A reverse bodyweight lunge and also be done for a change of pace.

Box Jumps – Another very simple but high intensity fat burning exercise. Let me put it this way, an hour of walking burns 200-300 calories and hours of box jump (don’t do this for an hour LOL) burns 800-1000. Trains: Hamstrings, Abductors, Adductors, Calves, Glutes, and Quadriceps.

Those were just a few of best bodyweight exercise you can do at home. While I still urge beginning with walking, utilizing these workouts on occasion would be an excellent change of pace. Stay turned to the next three at home workout blog posts come soon (weights, core, circuit). You don’t need a gym to become Better Than Yesterday.

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Maintain Sustainabilty


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Yes, I know I have mentioned this before a couple dozen times but I’m going to reemphasis it and probably going to continue reemphasizing it every so often. I do this to not only remind you the importance of picking something sustainable to achieve, but also to remind myself of the same thing.

Many of us today fail because we pick objectives that we simply can’t sustain. I have mentioned before on how many of us go into the gym the first day with a boat load of motivation and run for an hour, then do it again the next day, only to be so sore the third day that they quit for a few days or all together. That’s what we have to avoid, we can’t expect to be able to run or workout at that intensity after years of doing nothing. That is why I preach walking and nothing more to start. Now if you have been active before or are somewhat active make that walk into a jog but don’t make it a sprint because that’s not sustainable. Make an honest assessment of yourself and do what ever it is that you choose for 30minutes on an empty stomach (if trying to lose weight/body fat) that is it. Don’t ever be fancy with a workout at the start just be sustainable. After a week or two of being able to sustain a walk or jog then begin pushing yourself some more. Turn a walk into a half walk half jog, or turn a jog in to a quicker pace jog or even a run, but only do that after you have found a good sustainable rhythm.

Now the same goes for your diet don’t be extreme. While some of us can drop something we have consumed for year cold turkey, most of us cant. This is where you have to once again make an honest assessment of yourself. If you have consumed a large frapachino from Starbucks or soda every morning for the past year, (if that’s the case holy shit how are you still alive) you wont be able to drop that cold turkey because your body has got use to that sugar rush in the morning. You are basically a legal drug addict and are going to have to slowly kick that habit. Do that by finding a healthy replacement, for example, a cup of coffee or tea. Making to change to a different beverage can make all the difference because your habit of drinking something will still be satisfied but you will be doing so while consuming less garbage.

I truly believe it’s just that simple, make small sustainable changes at a time and you will become Better Than Yesterday.

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Healthy and Unhealthy Fats


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So I have covered both the protein and carbs portion of our macros, leaving us with the last one, Fats. Now today when most people being a new diet or training regimen they being my cutting their fats, and in many cases take it to the extreme by cutting all fats. Cutting all fats only isn’t healthy, but it also isn’t sustainable and sustainability of one’s diet and training is a must. This is also something I have mentioned before in a number of my posts, SMALL STEPS BIG CHANGES, ONE STEP AT A TIME.

So, why shouldn’t we remove all fats from our diet? Well healthy fats provide essential fatty acids, keep our skin soft, deliver fat-soluble vitamins, and are a great source of energizing fuel. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s 2005 Dietary Guidelines recommend that adults get 20%-35% of their calories from fats. At a minimum, we need at least 10% of our calories to come from fat. The problem with much of our society today is that we get anywhere from 40-50% of our calories from fats which are not healthy fats. Unhealthy fats being the obvious one like fries, chips, sugars, and processed foods, aka artery-clogging trans fats which leads to obesity and many other health and heart conditions.

The 20-35% of calories from fats we should receive should come in form of healthy fats like: Walnuts, Almonds, Olives, Avocados, Peanut Butter, Salmon (and a lot of other seafood items) and even pure butter not the fake processed “I can’t believe it’s not butter” garbage.

So next time you are looking for a snack or making a diet or training change try to incorporate the healthy fats into your diet, they will make you Better Than Yesterday.

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